Style Guide

Choosing the right glasses depends on a variety of factors, including your face shape, skin tone, personal style, and any vision correction needs. Here are some general tips to help you find glasses that suit you:

1. Face Shape:
- Oval Face: People with oval faces can wear almost any style of glasses, as their balanced proportions work well with various frame shapes.
- Round Face: Angular or rectangular frames can help add definition to a round face.
- Square Face: Round or oval frames can soften the strong angles of a square face.
- Heart-Shaped Face: Bottom-heavy frames or cat-eye shapes can balance the broader forehead of a heart-shaped face.
- Oblong Face: Larger, oversized frames can add width to an oblong face.

2. Skin Tone:
- Warm Skin Tone: Earthy tones, like browns, warm tortoiseshell, or shades of red can complement warm-toned skin.
- Cool Skin Tone: Cool-toned frames in blues, grays, or black can enhance the coolness of your skin.

3. Personal Style:
- Consider your personal style and the image you want to project. Classic, trendy, vintage, or sporty frames can all convey different looks.

4. Vision Correction:
- If you require prescription lenses, you'll need to ensure that the frames can accommodate your prescription. Many frame styles are compatible with different types of lenses.

5. Frame Size:
- Make sure the frame size fits your face well. The frame should not be too wide or too narrow, and the bridge should sit comfortably on your nose.

6. Try Before You Buy:
- Visit an optometrist or eyeglass store to try on various frames and seek the advice of an eyewear professional.

Ultimately, the most important factor is what you feel comfortable and confident wearing. While these guidelines can be helpful, don't be afraid to experiment and find glasses that truly reflect your personality and style.