Our little lab in the heart of Peterhead

We are one of the few in-store labs left in the North East of Scotland. We carry out glazing, repairs, MOT & re-lens of eyewear both bought in our boutique and that you wish to re-use. Please book a FREE MOT should you wish to have a quick chat about lenses.

If we have your lenses in stock, we can often complete jobs within one hour, meaning you can get your glasses the very same day!

  • Single Vision Lenses

    Single Vision lenses have the same focal power throughout the entire lens and can be used to correct myopia, hyperopia, and/or astigmatism. We offer a wide range of single vision lenses that will not only meet your needs but also won’t compromise your look. Easy on the eyes, both ways.

    Lenses start at £50

  • Varifocal Lenses

    Progressive lenses are the best option to address presbyopia, which is a natural consequence of the eye’s ageing process. We offer a wide range of choices that will offer superior optical performance, better aesthetics and optimal comfort – all within a single lens.

    Lenses start at £169

  • Sunglass Lenses

    We offer a choice when it comes to sun protection. Whether it be a choice of tint that can be applied to any lens we stock, available in a huge selection of colours and shades, transition lenses that change light to dark, or even polarised lenses that offer the ultimate reduction in glare.

    Sun treatments start at £20

  • Thinner & Lighter Lenses

    When it comes to lens thinning we're experts - our lab partners offer a choice for those who have higher than average minus or plus prescriptions. For those of us requiring a strong prescription, the technology behind aspherical designs means that there is no longer a need to choose between great sight or a great look.

    Lens thinning starts at £30

Very Spexy recycle old glasses and plant trees with every new pair sold.

Positive Climate Action

Throwing your glasses away to landfill seems very wasteful to us. If you have a gorgeous frame you'd like to re-use, then that is no problem. We'd love to assess it and see how we can help you stop it being discarded.

Sometimes frames are just past their best, if you drop a frame in to Very Spexy, we will ensure it's recycled responsibly via a charity partner. Visit us in store or contact us to find out more.

Furthermore, when we sell eyewear, we plant trees for every pair sold!