Do You Do Eye Examinations?

No, we supply the frames and lenses only, we recommend that you have your eyes examined before choosing your new glasses, you can find your nearest ophthalmic optician here

I don't have a prescription, I just want to buy a frame for fashion - is this ok?

YES! Gone are the days where glasses were geeky, our trendy frames can be matched for any look you choose, we can even ad UV protection to the lenses so they offer the same protection as sunglasses.

Do you sell kids frames?

No, we do not supply glasses to anyone under the age of 16 - we recommend that you visit your nearest ophthalmic optical using the finder above, due to the complex nature of the prescription and dispense of the glasses in children, an optician registered with the GOC is the best person to complete this dispense.

Do you sell glasses to people who are registered as visually impaired?

No, we believe the best provider of glasses if you are registered as visually impaired is your Opthalmic Optician or Opthalmologist.

I know my prescription because I wear contact lenses, can I just tell you what prescription I need?

We only accept written prescriptions from your Optometrist, this prescription must be in date, within 2 years or prior to your next eye examination is due - combined with measurements we take, this order is then sent to our lab to be made up to your exact specification.