Ear Care at Very Spexy

Gold Standard Wax Removal

During a Tympa appointment your clinician will be able to assess your ears, and if wax is present, gently remove it with microsuction. Microsuction is the gold standard of wax removal and is considered safer than other methods such as irrigation.

Once wax has been removed a hearing screening can be performed. This will identify whether you have a level of hearing loss. If you do have a hearing loss your clinician may refer you to an audiologist for further investigation. In many cases, the initial problem could’ve simply been down to the presence of wax itself.

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Your Ear Care Appointment at Very Spexy

Our Tympa Clinician, Jon, is fully trained by experts in Audiology and ENT and is officially accredited by ENT UK, The British Society of Audiology (BSA) and The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA).

No other training programme in the UK offers this unique level of accreditation.

All patient images and video are stored in the Tympa secure cloud, making it easy for us to keep track of your ear and hearing health record. This can be quickly and easily
shared with ENT surgeons, audiologists or your GP should you need specialist onward treatment.

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